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TVs of the Future – Are You Ready to Be Blown Away By Mirror Glass Televisions?

The Agath company has been designing their state of the art televisions for years and they can be found hanging on the walls of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, offices and private residences all over the globe. The unique all-glass screen technology allows the images to be scaled to a wide range of sizes from 14″ up to an amazing 98″.

The use of glass also makes it perfect for using it in areas traditionally hazardous to normal television technology such as; bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces, according to home audio video installations experts Custom Controls. They simply marry a piece of one mirrored glass with Agath’s television module and viola you have a custom mirror television that can be virtually hung anywhere and controlled by the touch of your finger, push of a button on a remote or even by using an Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice-activated systems.

Integrated into an Automated Home

Agath’s Mirror Glass Television technology seems to be the perfect system to be added to any automated home scenario and it is probably why it can be found extensively wherever you might find a Crestron home automation system installed. You will notice that the use of fanless cooling technology eliminates any possibility there will be any annoying sounds coming from your wall mounted television.

Touch screen technology

The real advantage to the use of the mirrored glass according to Agath appears to be the full-features of the touchscreen. The highly polished mirrored glass mates perfectly with their modular box technology, which makes scaling the television screen size even more simple. The touchscreen brings swiping to wall television as well, as a user can simply walk up to the Agath Mirror TV and swipe through a selection of options on the screen and what they selected just appears on the screen like magic. It’s really that simple!

Crestron and Agath

It seems that it would be a no-brainer that Agath’s Mirror TV’s and Wall TV’s would find themselves in many places that are using Crestron Automation Systems. It would appear that there is a certain synergy between home automation and Mirror TV’s and also to some extent Wall TVs. The ability to tailor a Mirror TV to the specific room dimensions and other factors such as a bathroom or outdoor space presents a bit of an environmental challenge that this technology overcomes.

Remote and wireless activation

The integration of a Mirror TV into a Crestron Automation System adds an extra layer of uniqueness to any setting that you use it. Whether you place one in the kitchen, bathroom, on the patio or on the wall in your home office, the uses are endless. The ability to control the television via your touchscreen remote, walk up and swipe the screen on the wall or using the app on your smartphone or tablet, is truly excellent.

The technology is unique and exclusively offered by Agath, but when used with a Crestron Automation system in your home, your home automation experience can be taken to another level.For more information, we’d recommend that you visit Custom Controls.

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