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What Type of ID Accessories Should I Use?

There are wide varieties of accessories when it comes to keeping your ID. You need to pick the ID accessory that will be flexible and stylish and can serve your purpose. There are many factors, which need to be considered while buying an accessory for keeping your ID.

ID is considered to be a vital thing as it provides all the basic information about a particular person. In every place, ID is required. So, before you buy any accessory, make sure that it is keeping your ID card in a very good condition without ruining the edges.

Types of ID accessories

Bulldog clip: This is actually a clip that is used for holding or carrying the cards. The clip looks horizontal and comes with slot punched space. If you want to remove or attach the ID, then all you have to do is squeeze the bulldog clip. Bulldog clip helps you to keep the cards at a straight level, and it is available in nonswivel and swivel version.

Swivel hook: It looks like a small metal structure which is very much stronger and can easily hold many ID cards or similar items. It is one of the most popular choices of ID accessories. As it has swivel hooks so it allows you to easily flip the ID card, but it may fail to keep the ID cards in one level.

Lobster claw: It is quite similar to the swivel hooks. You can easily use this lobster claw, and to put the ID card into the lobster claw, all you have to do is push the clip. It can easily hold many ID cards and gives you the liberty to rotate it easily. But you won’t be able to keep the cards at the same level.

Thin plastic: You can easily use this plastic hooks, and for inserting IDs you will have to press the clip. It is made up of thin plastic, but it can hold many ID cards and avoid the flipping around of the cards. As it has a very thin design, you won’t be able to hang it.

Wide plastic: White plastic is quite similar to plastic hooks with a thin body. It has a very wide size which helps you to keep the batches face the forward direction and stay at one level. You can easily keep numerous ID cards in this wide plastic hooks, and it won’t flip around. Because of its structure, it keeps the cards hang at the same level.

Vinyl strap: It is available on both the clothing clips and badge reels. It has clear straps which help the ID card to get attached to the vinyl strap.

Card clamp: Card clamp is quite popular because of its ability to use the pressure for using pressure for grabbing the card into itself. You won’t have to use any badge holder with this slot.

Split ring: If you are planning on holding a different kind of ID cards then key ring or split ring is the best attachment available in the market. Starting from ID card to keys or tools and similar items you can keep anything on this badge reel.

Non-swivel J hook: You can easily push your ID card into this clip as it is quite similar to the thin plastic hooks. It will make the ID cards face the forward direction for better safety, but due to its thin design, it may fail to maintain the cards’ level.

Trigger snap swivel hook: It is quite similar to the lobster claw but here you can keep a different kind of attachments. It comes with a tiny lever which you can use for opening and closing the card. This attachment helps the user to flip the card easily but fails to keep it at a level.

The kind of accessory which you will be needed for keeping the IDs will depend on your requirements and your safety concern. If you want to buy it for a long time, then you should surely opt for good materials like lanyard card holder. Sometimes it is essential to flip the card, and sometimes you should keep the cards at level. So prioritize your preference before buying an ID accessory.

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