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Understanding the Professional Career of Ron Blum in Depth

Dr. Blum is a notable businessman, innovator and visionary and is the president, founder, and chairman of PogoTec Inc. He has been quite successful in building diverse management teams which is required to develop products in addition to executing business strategies. Dr. Blum is named as the discoverer or co-discoverer on over 500 patents and patent applications across the world. He has in fact discovered, co-discovered, or assisted to develop IP technology portfolios and nine different products which have been sold or licensed to six global billion-dollar companies.

About Ron Blum

After completing Doctorate of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry, Ron Blum started his professional career. With vast skill and knowledge in medical devices, product development and patents, he has been able to establish the company The Egg Factory, LLC (Egg Factory) in the year 1999. At The Egg Factory, LLC Dr. Blum has served as CEO, Chairman, and President until it turned out to be a holding company in 2014.

The Egg Factory is the oldest and most creative innovation companies which is focused on Ophthalmics and Optics in North America. Apart from being associated with The Egg Factory, he has also been associated with Vision Care Inventing as chairman, founder, CEO, and president. Later on in the year 2014, Dr. Blum went on to become the chief visionary officer and founder of PogoTec, Inc.

Pogo Tec Inc. aims to change the way customers share images and videos by discovering sophisticated, interactive and accessible technology solutions that inconspicuously improve the daily lives of the consumers’. Under the supervision of Ron Blum around 11 to 50 employees work at Pogo Tec Inc. The company specializes in Eye Care Technology, Wearable Technology, Smart Technology, Electronic Devices, and Emerging Technology. PogoTec, Inc. has a strategic partnership with Vista Eyewear and is at present based in Roanoke, Virginia.

Ron from Roanoke, Virginia, is ardent about developing, inventing, and growing companies and this is why he has been able to found a number of companies such as BeautiEyes LLC, PogoTec Inc., Encore Health and Encore Vision LLC, PixelOptics, The Egg Factory LLC, and Innotech. He has also served on the Board of Trustees for Roanoke College.

In addition to Blum, the management team of Pogo Tec Inc. includes industry expert like Jack McDougall, OD, who functions as vice president of business relations, Bill Kokonaski, who serves as chief technology officer, as well as Richard Clompus, OD, FAAO, who works as vice president of customer interaction and communications. The company’s board of directors also consists of experienced personnel from the industry like Richard Lindstrom, Ed Greene, and Richard Russo.

As of now, the only aim of Ron is to help his company reach newer heights and become the leading name in the world. And for this he is always ready to take that extra initiative to ensure that all the employees at Pogo Tec Inc. receive maximum support and assistance so that they can easily achieve the main objective of the company.

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