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Understanding The Time When Women Need Pregnancy Test At Doctor’s Chamber

At first, pregnancy used to be detected at doctor’s chamber only. The expert gynecologists used a simple procedure to detect pregnancy that required a few biosensors. But with the advanced biological technologies, it has become possible to detect pregnancy with the test kit at home just by a simple urine test. These kits are available from various companies but all those follow a simple chemical procedure. But still, it is important to have it checked by expert gynecologists.

Testing Process At Doctor’s Chamber

At present every woman can detect their pregnancy at home, but when they find out that their taste kit shows a positive result they should definitely visit a gynecologist. Pregnancy test kits from different companies work with a simple procedure of detection which is made up of chemicals that react and show the result. So it is important to make sure that the positive result is genuine.

Different types of pregnancy test that doctors use are all related to hormonal and chemical changes that occur in a pregnant during their early stages. There are various hormones that are released facially during the time of pregnancy and in the starting stages of pregnancy, some physical changes also occur in the body of the mother. This is because the body starts preparing itself for the baby and its growth inside their body. There are some changes that occur as given below:

  1. The first thing that occurred during pregnancy is the introduction of human chorionic gonadotrophin. This is a hormone that is released during the starting stages and all around pregnancy and is easily detectable with the help of few biosensors and chemical reagents that doctors use. The hormonal changes prove that the body is going through the first stage of pregnancy.
  2. Next thing that doctors look for is the changes in blood pressure and blood volume. During pregnancy, there occurs a change in blood pressure and in the middle and late stages of pregnancy blood volume changes as well. Thus checking the condition of blood is also a measure through which pregnancy can be detected.
  3. The next thing is a total body checkup that needs to be done because women need to make sure that their body condition is ready for development of their baby. There are numerous changes that occur every month of pregnancy and for that reason, the body needs to prepare itself from the beginning. Check up from gynecologist on a scheduled basis can help in staying fit for the baby.

All the types of pregnancy test at doctors are perfect for detecting pregnancy. All of them required chemical reagents that offer a certain data about health condition of the women. The testing procedure can also help in getting generalized body checkup that can make a woman aware of the complications that may occur during pregnancy and understand ways to stop it.


The simple procedure of the test kit is checked properly by the gynecologist. A perfect advice from the expert can be helpful while going through various stages of pregnancy.

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