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Various Options In Floral Arrangements When Sending Funeral Flowers

Losing someone dear or loved  is the hardest phase of life to be experienced by anyone. If there is someone who is undergoing this phase, nothing can uplift the person more than bunch of flowers. Yes! Funeral flowers is the best way to soothe the person in pain and dilemma. You may show your sympathy and  ease the hardship. The internet makes it easy to place orders for funeral flowers and deliver across to the loved one. There are various types of flowers and floral arrangements that may be sent to the person in sadness

Make a simple and quick online search to locate online florists who deliver funeral flowers. You will get a lot of information on the type of flowers to deliver. Different flower arrangements suggest different things and so you need to be careful when placing any order. For instance, choose casket spray if the flower will be placed on the coffin. Standing spray is placed right beside the person’s body or the body of deceased. There are various types of funeral flowers and arrangements.

Spray Or Wreath: The Type Of Funeral Flower Arrangement

When it comes to Sprays, you may select half couch to be placed on the open casket. On the other hand, if the flower is to be placed on the closed coffin, choose a closed casket. Wreathe is used when there is a memorial service and there is no casket. Wreathe is prepared by using flowers of different colors and types. It may also be placed over the tripod stand after the completion of funeral service.

Low Handheld Flower Basket

Fireside basket is again a type of funeral flower arrangement placed on the floor and near to the casket. This may be sent to the church or the home.

Sending A Cross Flower Arrangement

Foam may be made in the form of cross and covered by flowers. It carries flowers, ribbon, moss, satin and other similar things. Here the flower swag accents middle of the cross. It may again be sent to the church or home and is formal in nature.

Send A Plant

For funeral flowers, you may also send a plant. Buy green plants or blooming. Sending green plant is a great way to console the other person. It will stay with the receiver forever.

Inside Piece Flower

Small piece of flower is placed at the center of the casket. Some of the options in flowers for centerpiece are satin crosses, nosegays, hinge sprays and hearts. Inside piece is sent by young family members.


This is the gathering of long wheat grasses tied together along with flowers in the middle. Sheaf is placed in the casket or at the top of the casket. It may also be used during visitations and placed on the side table. If the sheaf gets dried, it shows a productive and fruitful life. Sheaf is chosen by family and friends or by the religious affiliations.

Send Table Arrangements Or Vase Arrangements

Vases may be sent for making table arrangements along with flowers. You may choose multiple vases in different styles, colors and sizes. The arrangement can be simplest to the most extravagant. Again, table and vase arrangement are sent by family members and business associates.

Why To Send Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers is a way to remember the person who is no more and how he/she made the life beautiful. Just like flowers make our lives beautiful, the deceased also made the life of everyone beautiful.

When you send funeral flowers, what matters is the timing of delivery and the place of delivery. Deliver the flowers the day before the funeral ceremony as this is the funeral flower etiquette.

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