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What are the Risks When Installing Furniture?

Cable Path – The risk of a cord being struck during the installation of the kitchen

It is a good idea before painting the walls to capture the location of the cables along with the size on the roulette or mark them with a pencil on the wall. Before installing the kitchen, share this information with the installation team. Otherwise, although rare, some cable may be punctured when drilling the wall for mounting the top row. Make sure to get in touch with us and we will give you the necessary advice and help you out.

Air conditioners, radiators, alarm systems in uncomfortable places

Again, you would save yourself the relocation and potential conflicts with furniture if you envisaged the locations of air conditioners, radiators, window sills and security alarms once you have or in parallel while designing the kitchen composition. If you leave this decision to a master or a welded position, as designed in your new home, this may not be the most optimal position for your kitchen dream.

Envision the location of the curtains. If they are going to fit in a niche between the kitchen and the window – then it is necessary to leave a free space of about 30 cm.

Conflict with window sills and curtains / blinds

If your kitchen comes in contact with a window, pay attention to the depth of the window sill – whether its overhang will not conflict with any of the cabinets or the countertop (especially if you want the composition to go under the window).

Similarly, foresee the location of the curtains. You may want them to fit in the alcove between the kitchen and the window – then there should be about 30 cm of empty space – accordingly, you must inform the designer that you do not want the kitchen to reach the end.

If you are not going to put curtains, but provide curtains that are fixed to the ceiling, also alert the designer to look for potential conflicts when opening a cabinet and to provide an aperture.

Excessive wall painting

You can save painting the wall on which the kitchen will be located, except for the area in the sink cabinet (as this cabinet usually does not have a back) and a strip of 20 cm below the ceiling, part of which will be visible above the kitchen (or as needed if the cabinets are not high up to the ceiling). The rest of the wall will be occupied by cabinets and kitchen backs.

Provide more latex. In rare cases, when installing the kitchen (as well as other furniture), scratches from impacting volumetric panels on the walls or ceiling appear, and you may want to repaint all or part of it again.

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