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What Is The Best Way to Unlock My iPhone 6 Without Damaging?

Being perhaps the most premium smartphone manufacturer in the world, Apple computers have sold billions of devices and with their latest line of smartphones will continue to do so. But what started this revolution was back in 2008, when the first iPhone was received with mix praise and acclaim. One of those phones which helped push Apple as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is the iPhone 6, which came with a brand new design and the best in class specs.

But like any Apple device, it came with a hefty price tag and a majority of users could not shell out that kind of money. Hence the option of buying the phone on contract, instead of buying an Apple iPhone 6 unlocked was considered as the ideal way out. Contracts on smartphones are offered by network carriers, which allow users to get the device by agreeing to pay a small fee each month.

It does have one serious payoff, which is that you are still stuck on the same network when you finish your contract or even pay it off well in advance. This is why there is the popular option to unlock the device and use it.

Is the unlock process legally, and does it affect my phone?

Put simply, unlocking is legal when your contract has been terminated and no, it does not affect the functioning of your phone whatsoever. Manufactures make their device to be sold and used on any network, anywhere in the world, Apple is no different. The unlocking method can be one of many, most of which can pose a serious danger to both software and the hardware of the device. The only option, which is perfectly safe is the IMEI method, which uses the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity number to change the status of the phone from locked, to unlocked.

The process also does not affect performance, battery or information on your phone, like some other methods might. You will be able to continue using your device as you were before and now with the ability to choose your desired network and even use different sim cards when you are travelling.

What do you get when you unlock your iPhone 6?

The freedom to use any network in your area and customizing your plan as per your preference is what comes with unlocking your device. This freedom is the most important advantage, apart from this you can simply choose to sell it for a much higher price as well now, as long as the device has been maintained in a good manner. The reason why the resale value is high is that; unlocking the smartphone allows any carrier to be used and sold virtually everywhere.  iPhones generally have very high resale value and an unlock iPhone 6 seems to sell for a lot of money almost anywhere on the planet.

All you need to do now is get your device unlocked so you can use it as it was intended to be, with no strings attached.

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