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What to wear for prom when you have an hourglass figure

Having an hourglass figure basically is a blessing you can look good in almost any type of the dress because it is the body of yours that morph the dress according to t its shape. Having an hourglass figure means that everyone envies you since everything look good on you but to make the dressing routine even more interesting you will definitely need a guide on dressing up and carrying things. Prom is the most important and awaited event of the high school life so getting all dressed up in a beautiful dress is the dream of every girl attending the prom. So here is the dressing guide for you that will let you know what type of dress you can wear to show off your gorgeous curves to the prom.


The first thing about prom that needs the most attention is the dress itself. SO before you go hunting for the prom dresses you must know that you need to find a prom dress that hugs your figure to show off your gorgeous curves. But if you don’t want your dress to be body-hugging you can consider a lot of other options that will show your curves but still will be modest, Having the hourglass figure is best in this respect when you don’t have much money because there are a lot of the cheap prom dresses that will look expensive when you wear them. Try wearing the mermaid style dresses as they will look great on you. You can choose the dresses with fitted tops and that ends with a v which leads to gorgeous skirts. Wearing a gown would be nice if you are a tall woman otherwise short dresses will look good too because then you can show off your toned legs


After the dress, the next thing that addresses the attention is the shoes. With a perfect dress you need to complete your attire with a perfect pair of shoes too and to make that happen you need to know what will look good with what type of dress. You can either wear heels or flats and if you are wearing a gown then heels are the must thing so they can lift dress a little from the floor. But if you are wearing a short dress then you can wear flats too but with heels, your legs will look beautiful.


You can wear any type of accessories you want with your body type. Wearing belts with dresses so they can make the dress hug your curves is a thing you should try more often. Other accessories depend on what type of dress you are earing.

SO this is all you need to know about buying a prom dress when you have an hourglass figure. You can wear anything you want and with this figure, you have a lot of options but make sure you don’t wear something that will hide your curves.