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Why Cannabis Can Help Lessen Symptoms of Your Arthritis Overnight

The number of cases of arthritis in the US is increasing at an alarming rate year on year, which not only poses a threat to the health of the nation, but also for the cost of looking after these sufferers. It is thought that over 50 million adults in the USA now suffer from some sort of arthritic condition, and experts believe that this number will grow to just under 70 million by 2030.

It is thought by many that certain cannabis strains have an important part to play in reducing the pain and inflammation of joints. Despite the abundance of anecdotal evidence available, there is very little in the way of verified and respected studies that have looked into this in further detail.

There are many different symptoms that sufferers of arthritis will have to experience. Can cannabis help at least some of these symptoms? This is what Canadian researcher, Dr. Jason McDougall from Dalhousie University in Halifax, decided to undertake in his own research. He attempted to identify whether cannabis can help repair arthritic joints and relieve chronic pain in arthritis sufferers. His research was publicly supported by the Arthritis Society, as they were curious and intrigued to see whether cannabis could actively fight the inflammation and repair the joint of the patient, rather than just reducing the pain that the sufferer experiences.

McDougall focussed his ground-breaking research on the non-psychoactive cannabinoids of cannabis. When research is usually completed, it is normally focussed on the psychoactive cannabinoid of THC. McDougall found that cannabis molecules are able to attach themselves to the ending of the nerve receptors and decrease the frequency of the firing of pain that the sufferer experiences. He likened these pain firings to wires of a plug that have their protective white coating taken off, which results in the inner wires becoming exposed, which generates the pain signals. This analogy shows how sore and debilitating these pain signals generate to a sufferer. By applying cannabis molecules to these exposed areas, it is hoped that the cannabis can help repair these nerves and in turn reduce the feelings of pain that the sufferer experiences. These findings are incredibly encouraging and offer hope to millions of arthritis sufferers.

If you would like to find out more information about using cannabis on a regular basis for your arthritis symptoms, we would recommend that you speak with your local dispensary. You can use the dispensaries near me tool on to locate your nearest location.

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