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Yoshimura’s Fender Eliminator for 2019 Honda Monkey

Do you want to add something to your bike and make it stand out without spending hundreds of dollars? Yoshimura’s Fender Eliminator is the perfect product for you. This affordable and easy-to-install fender eliminator is a favorite in the world of motorcycle OEM parts. Keep reading to find out what makes it so popular!

Functions of a Fender Eliminator

Fender eliminators are popular among motorcyclists because they hide fenders on bikes, resulting in smoother lines and sportier appearances. Their purpose is more than aesthetic, though. They are a great alternative to detaching the fender completely. Doing so would make it nearly impossible to mount the turn signals and license plate, and it would take away the protection that keeps rocks, dirt and gravel that fly up from clipping and damaging the bottom of the tail.

Fender eliminators are the effective and practical solution for riders looking to eliminate the distracting looks of fenders while keeping their bikes safe and damage-free.

A Fantastic Value

With Yoshimura products, you can finally get reliable and durable equipment for a price that’s within your budget. The fender eliminator for the 2019 Honda Monkey is a great value that you won’t be able to pass up. The kit includes a license plate light, a license plate frame and shrink solder connectors. It comes with everything you need to upgrade your ride.

Special Features

The manufacturers at Yoshimura have taken extra measures to ensure that the fender eliminator meets your expectations. They use a laser to cut each part so that it fits Honda motorcycle OEM parts precisely, and they’ve also included the following features:

  • The license plate light meets the Department of Transportation’s regulations, is weather-resistant and has four long-lasting LED bulbs.
  • Both the license plate frame and light are black and made of anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion.
  • The entire kit weighs only a little over one pound.
  • It takes only minutes to install.

You won’t find features like these anywhere else. Yoshimura’s fender eliminator is truly one of a kind and a simple yet effective way to change your bike’s look.

Simple Installation

Installing Yoshimura’s Fender Eliminator on your 2019 Honda Monkey takes only minutes, and all you need is a metric Allen wrench set, a metric socket set and a combination wrench set. The kit comes with detailed instructions, and once you assemble the different parts, you simply use the three mounting bolts included in the kit to secure the entire bracket onto your bike. Take a second to double check that everything is correctly situated, and you’re ready to ride!

Six Decades of Quality

Sixty-five years ago, Yoshimura was founded on the premises of putting their customers first and manufacturing motorcycle products of unmatched quality at affordable prices. Today, the company still continues that mission, which is why the Yoshimura Fender Eliminator for the 2019 Honda Monkey will not disappoint you.

Don’t hesitate to contact a motorcycle expert to help you find exactly what you need. There’s a huge selection with everything from the Yoshimura fender eliminators to riding accessories and motorcycle tires online.